8 capsules

In the striving to be the Lord of the nature humanity tried to increase his physical abilities. In different places and periods stimulators for increase endurance, speed of reaction were used.

The Increasing of sexual abilities is important for mankind too.

The Chinese physicians have  suggested à new herbal supplement for men "Furunbao".

"Furunbao" is effective by sexual disorders which can be at any man:

- businessman complex - deterioration of sexual attraction as a result of overwork and stress;
- middle age crisis - malfunction of erection and decrease of sexual attraction as a result of psychological and hormonal changes;
- sexual diffidence - malfunction of erection at the preserved sexual attraction;
- premature ejaculation.

"Furunbao" increases a sexual attraction, improves quality of erection, heightens feeling of orgasm, changes sensations, stimulates brightness and duration of sexual sensations, improves satisfaction of coitus, increases a sexual self-estimation, removes all symptoms of a prostatitis.

By single use "Furunbao" works soft, long, stimulates erection. Course using (Take 1 capsule once a day during a meal. Next taking in three days. Duration of using – 12 weeks.) allows to live further a normal sexual life, not resorting to the help of  stimulators. At such way of taking in 80-85 % of cases it is restored natural erection.

"Furunbao" is highly effective already after the first taking. Regardless of age and degree of sexual disorders action of one capsule proceeds from 3 till 5 days, providing high-grade sexual relations. "Furunbao" raises quality of a life, normalising and strengthening sexual life at men.

Herbal supplement for men "Furunbao" is safety. It doesn’t produñe dependence, has not any side effects and can be used regularly and occasionally.

Contra-indication: individual intolerance of components of herbal supplement, the raised nervous excitability, insomnia, the raised blood pressure, cardiac abnormalities, acute form of atherosclerosis, taking in the evening.

Shelf life - 2 years. Store in a dark cool place.

Consult with your doctor before use.